Lack of interest Make voting on a poll cause thread to be watched.

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Mr Lucky

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Just as replying can cause an automatic watching of the thread, I think voting on a poll should have an option to create automatic watching.

If someone votes (but doesn't reply in the thread) they obviously still have an interest in the topic, so it may help with some of the discussion/debate if everyone gets notified of replies.

Of course they can choose to watch, but some people do think that (as with replying) that voting does cause watching of the thread.

It could be an admin option, a sign up option or just a tickbox in the poll itself that can be checked to watch (or unchecked to not watch whatever you choose as default)
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I'd think the best option would be a user selectable at time of selecting the poll data. Forced watch would not be a desired option to me.
Yes, it should've a user option, as with watching a thread in which you reply to a post .

I don't intend this suggestion to imply forced watching.
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