XF 2.2 Please give me a clue on how to vote on a Xenforo Poll


I tried setting up a test poll - but I can not figure out how to vote.
Where is there a choice of check boxes to check?
Any clue? (must be obvious to those that have figured it out :)
(My latest test poll...)

Do you think that we need to resurrect the POLL TAX?​

Do you think that we need to resurrect the POLL TAX?​

  • yes, no, maybe, if over 21, double tax for illegal aliens,​

    Votes: 00.0%
  • can I think about it?​

    Votes: 00.0%
  • Only for Polish migrants​

    Votes: 00.0%
  • Do I have to register on this forum to vote?​

    Votes: 00.0%

  • 1650772288167.png
  • This poll will close: Apr 30, 2022 at 8:31 PM.


Sgt at Arms​

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22 minutes ago
Well, you must have heard about the poll tax that I suppose taxed everybody that went to a public polling place to place their vote...

Hmmm Poll Tax - definition

A fixed tax levied on all persons in a certain area, especially as a condition of voting in elections.

an informal name for (the former) community charge

Are there any states or localities that still have a 'poll tax'?

A poll tax is a tax of a fixed sum on every liable individual (typically every adult), without reference to income or resources.
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Thanks very much for suggestions
(Check group permissions)
I had totally forgotten about those
And I didn’t realize that I had not given
Administrators permission to vote in polls! :)

And thanks also for giving me a sample of
What a good poll should look like
With the circle check ‘boxes’
And the Cast Vote button

But I still do not see those (vote circles and cast-vote button) on my test polls….

I even did a forum administrator group permission analysis and details showing that my user name had every possible permission to vote in a poll.

Thanks very much for your sample poll
On my test poll after fixing admin permission to vote - I still do not see a cast vote button or little voting circles in front of choices,

The forum thread does allow for polls
Otherwise it would not prompt me for poll parameters…

What other thing am I overlooking to get a poll that will not let me vote! :)
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