Implemented Allow vote changes on polls, be able to specify number of options & add poll to existing thread

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When creating a poll, you can allow multiple responses but not how many.
For example, how can I allow only 2 choices out of 10?

Also, vote changing should be permitted but this isn't an option when creating a poll.

Lastly, it's not possible to add a poll to an existing thread when editing the first post. My members would really miss this functionality.
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Yep, i think there should be an option to change your vote as that's pretty customary now.

As for the allow x out of y options option i really don't see the real advantage in that.
As for the allow x out of y options option i really don't see the real advantage in that.
Well let's say you have 10 options and you want everyone to pick 3 out of the 10.
Currently the software isn't able to do that.

Those kinds of polls are very common on my forum.
As likes are now being used to gauge support for a suggestion, are we supposed to bump all of our old suggestions to the top?
Being able to change your vote is very important. This needs to able to be done on polls that allow multiple choice. The best way for Kier to do this would be to run a query every time the thread is displayed that has a poll. That way removing your vote is an easy thing to do regarding software wise.
I think it's important that user's can change their vote (admincp option IMO). I also like the option for limited checkbox ticks... for example if you want users to choose 3 things they consider important on your forum, allows you to prioritise things.
Being able to change ones vote in a poll is an important feature. I hope that Kier and Mike will add this feature soon. I think the best way to make a poll system would be to have a query that runs each time the thread is loaded. The query would quickly count the votes in a poll. That way it would be very easy to code a unvote feature even if the poll is a multiple choice.
Many forums rely on these types of polls. If XenForo wants to set the bar on forum software, it should at least match what's currently available on other forum softwares, otherwise they will never be able to raise the bar.
I hastily clicked "Create thread" the other day before creating the poll in my thread - resulting in having to delete the thread and start over. It'd be neat if the thread starter could add a poll to a thread, or edit a poll into the original post.
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