Not planned Make Siderbar Show Correct Number of Thumbnails


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In the admin panel there is an option called

"Number of items" This will show in the block.


I was testing different ones. I set it at 10 for top, bottom and sidebar. It shows 10 for the top and 10 for bottom

But for the sidebar it only shows 2. I think it should also show 10.

Like this:

and when you hit the arrow right or left it would show 10 new or random ones


Chris D

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The number of items to show at once is decided dynamically based on the width of the view. The number of items is the maximum number that can be viewed in the slider. If you set it to 100, you would see as many as can fit reasonably on the screen, but slide through the rest.

Bear in mind it is a "slider" so it somewhat defeats the point of a slider if it shows all images at once and doesn't have the ability to "slide" through them.