Intentionally block opening of thumbnails for a group

Hello everybody,

I saw on a forum under vBulletin, this great system (not for everyone), new users can see the thumbnails of the images like everyone else but they cannot open the thumbnails to see the image in lfull size. If they click on a thumbnail, a message appears telling them that they don't have permission. At the same time everything is blocked. And important thing, the url of the images does not appear, it is hidden. I would like the exact same system on my forum, so I know it's feasible and I'm willing to pay the price. Currently I completely hide the images for "newbies" on my forum, so I would prefer that they can see the thumbnails and only the thumbnails. I dare not ask the adminsitrators of the forum where I saw this system which developer they used, I think they will not tell me. But I will still try ... If this has been set up on VBulletin, I tell myself that it must be possible for Xenforo, I have the latest version 2.2

I show you below what it looks like after clicking on a thumbnail.


Please, can anyone among you help me? (developer or not). It is very important for me, I absolutely want to put this device in place.
Kind regards.
You can do it with the user group permission View attachments to posts .

Se it to No for the Registered and Unregistered user groups.

Promote members to another user group after x posts/y time with it set to Yes.
If I put on "No" or "Never" for the attachments (View attachments to posts), I see that we can still open the images, I installed an extension to hide them entirely. This is not normal, I do not understand. There must be a wrong setting on my part somewhere. :rolleyes:
But my request mainly concerns thumbnails of images who have been posted via an external host (Imagebam, Imagevenue, etc.).
Don't use Never - it can't be overridden.

However, the permission relates to attachments only, not embedded images.
You would need an add-on for that.

I don't really see the point of blocking images which are embedded from other sites though (or blocking attachments for that matter).
Yes, you are right (y), it is always necessary to put on "no", I know that. But as I saw that it didn't work, I tried with "never". I don't understand at the moment.

OK Brogan, thank you for the information, I suspected that we needed an add-on. Fahad ashraf offered to help me, he told me that he can provide me with the add-on that is appropriate for this. :) So I had posted my topic in the right place. :unsure:🙃😉
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