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XF 1.5 Preference of having "Full Size" image import instead of Thumbnails.

I just completed a first go of a successful import from PHPBB 3.2.0 to XF 1.5.15.

What I would like to accomplish is for the import to bring all image files into XF as "Full Size" instead of "thumbnails".

I realize that I can go to my own Forum Topics and "Edit > Options >" reload as "full image" and that corrects it.

But, in my situation, I already know that my forum members are going to want to see Full Images instead of thumbnails. My members are largely not too computer savvy and I cringe at the thought of having to go through thousands of post to help people.

I plan to make a series of videos on how to upload NEW images for my forum members and there they can select thumbnails or full.
But at least for now, is there a way to get the import to bring in the images as full ?

I would certainly appreciate any feedback or response -

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