XF 2.1 Images in posts as thumbnails instead of full image?


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I originally had no dimensions set in the Attachments options area as that seems it would reject images larger but instead it seems it will resize them? However, I prefer the vB way of images in a post where they are thumbnails instead of full size images. What do I need to set so images larger than 800 height and/or 800 px width are instead thumbnails which can be clicked for larger full size images? I understand I may have to rebuild some of the cache items which is fine, I just want to get my new site tuned to show less overwhelming images hard to view on a laptop per se.


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There is a great add-on that does this re-sizing automatically. It's by @AndyB and works excellently.

Best to use ImageMagick if you have it installed, but can also use GD IIRC for the resizing.