XF 1.1 main search button stopped working


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This is strange.
My users are reporting that the main search is not working - that is, the button is not responding. I confirmed it from here.

Other (More...) searches and wiki searches are working.

No errors in the server log.
I flushed the entire server cache and my browser cache....

Where should I look first???

EDIT - the curl command shows ES is running.....


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Disable all add-ons, remove any additional javascript you have uploaded and try in a default, unedited style.

Try and trace back to what the last change was you made prior to it no longer working.


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Will do. I haven't touched anything in a few days and it seems that part stopped working overnight....but I will check to make sure.....

Last changes close to that area were about a week ago - in sidebar in Xencarta. I will restore that template and start from there....


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OK, I confirmed that it's been broken for a week or so.

I reverted any templates - all which were EWRcarta (wiki) related - that I changed in that time period.

I know I could probably fix by brute force by disabling everything, but is there any other way I can troubleshoot it a bit closer? Does the fact that it works for "more" and in all other modes other than plain point to anything - perhaps a template I can re-upload, etc.??

EDIT - I disabled most all add-ons just to try and that didn't seem to fix, so I think it is more template related....


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Everything shows up - only thing that doesn't work is hitting return or the search button from the drop down.

It works when you go to More and it works in the wiki, etc.

Thanks....and let me know what you think!

I did upgrade to 1.1.3 in the last couple of weeks...and can't put an exact date on when it stopped working.


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Ah, I think I got it.....
I went through all the css and noticed that the searchbar one was red (changed)......
I reverted it and it looks like that fixed it....

I don't remember ever touching that, but it's possible something else did.....

This is new lesson for me. I am going to start documenting every little change by date somewhere (actually, not a bad suggestion for a little widget in the ACP......to put notes in!)...