Looking for an experienced plugin developer to take over Plugins - Tenants


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I dont have that much time (certainly not as much as I used to) to support plugins anymore.

I work full time and want to concentrate on Neural Network design when ever I have spare time (and not work on supporting plugins)

Are there any experienced plugin developers that want to take over my products, if so express your interest

My products:

I'm not working on any of them at the moment, but I don't want any of them to dwindle away unsupported
TAC (antispam) & Xenzine Article manager are probably the biggest / require the most support.

- This was always a hobby for me, they are paid products, but don't expect to get rich from developing them, take over only if you enjoy working on plugins

I came back for a while, since there was a new wave of bot spam, I think TAC solves this and I dont really need to be working on this anymore, it serves its purpose. If one day there is a new wave of bots, I might come back and design something new, but for now TAC does its job and I'm not needed. So if there is anyone that wants to completely take over (developing / supporting / owning / selling) any of my products let me know.


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I've had some interest in xenzine from @wmtech it's a very big project, and has quite a lot of impressive customizations. So far they are uncontested as far as I am aware. If there are any other people interested in taking over xenzine (for free, but also supporting current users) please let me know below or via pm ( if you have sent me a pm about this already, I have not intentially missed you out, it's just that my pms can get a bit burried)