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I'd like to commission a new add-on for XF2 that would provide RSS feeds of new posts (currently XF only provides RSS feeds of new threads).

It would provide for each node a unique latest posts RSS feed in the following format:

(User avatar)(Username) on (linked thread title): "(Truncated excerpt of post - length to be defined in settings)" - (date/time)

For example:

Ray on What happened today?: "Here's what happened around the world today. So and so did this and that..." - Apr 21 @ 8pm

(and so on for each new post). It would be sorted in order of newest post descending by post date (as typical RSS feeds do).

I may need these wrapped in CSS classes for further customization but depends on the output of the RSS.

Let me know if this is possible and quote to do so along with ETA via private message.


P.S. If you'd like to maintain it, I would not be opposed to making this an available add-on in the resource directory to the public.
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