Looking for a new host solid with optimizing xF

Jeff Fuqua

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I currently have a dedicated server in which I run my xF site and a few others small sites for some clients. I am looking for options and want to go with someone who is great for optimizing a server for xF.

I wanted to ask a few of those of you with larger xF sites as to some you may recommend. If that sort of thing is not allowed within the forum, please PM me.


Sage Knight

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I have two recommendations.

One, is the host we use for ValveTime.net but they only have UK servers which may be a bit pointless as I imagine most of your traffic is US based...

They are Nimbus Hosting: http://www.nimbushosting.co.uk/xenforo-hosting.php

The other recommendation is US based and I've heard good things about them.


The guy to speak to is registered here: Mike Edge

I can also definitely vouch for Nimbus Hosting, regardless where your visitors are from, the support and service is outclass.

Adam Howard

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Here is my current list of recommend host.
All of which I am either currently or have recently used personally for a minimum of 1 year (or more).

* Current approved list

Iceland = http://www.thordc.com
Sweden = http://www.bahnhof.net
Germany = http://www.server4you.net
Sweden = http://www.prq.se
Sweden = http://www.glesys.se
Sweden = http://www.swedehost.net
Netherlands = http://www.leaseweb.com
Malaysia = http://www.shinjiru.com
Netherlands = http://www.transip.eu
United Kingdom = http://www.simplexwebs.com

**Exploratory list

United States = http://www.chicagovps.net
Italy = http://www.prometeus.net

*I've used them, tested them, and would recommend them (1 year or more).

** I'm exploring their services now and will report back at a later time (less than 1 year).


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I pay $54 for a - Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon 5420, 2 x 500G, 8Gb ram, /29, CentOS 64, 100mbit unmetered.
And it's super speedy heh

Brent W

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Don't you think it's a lot? Could get that specs in 130$ or so. No RAID 1 is kind of risky.

Not really for the memory and an SSD. Backups are made nightly to the backup harddrive and then synced with a local computer. I'm going to be reducing it soon though since I just sold my largest site.