XF 1.2 log in/sign up button text disappear


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This was an issue in an early beta due to a bug in the template. If you have an our of date login_form, that could cause it.
i dont understand, please elaborate. we dont have login_form in the template when i search it, only this:

how to fix this?
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It should be helper_login_form. I missed that you gave a URL and had a look, and it does appear that it's out of date -- it's using something that was correct in 1.1 but is incorrect in 1.2.

You need to make sure that your style is updated to support 1.2. If someone updated it for you (or it's a third party style), I'd recommend reporting this to them. Assuming that you don't have any outdated templates any more, I can only assume that the changes were merged but some were missed. You could use the template comparison to see what changes are unexpected to this template, but I would expect that there may be other issues elsewhere.