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Full disclosure: I am not employed by Liquidweb. I am currently a Liquidweb customer. I have been continuously using Liquidweb VPS services since early 2004.

Liquidweb has just recently released a highly competitive VPS offering (Linux Smart VPS), more info at:

The highlights of the entry level system are:
- 1 GB RAM
- 75 GB Storage
- 2 TB transfer (1 TB in, 1TB out)
- CentOS 5.5 fully managed
- cPanel included
- $60/month

If you have been using VPS then you know that there are literally hundreds of providers out there. Some are obviously better than others.

Liquidweb consistently performs in the managed server leader section by providing essentially unmatched service. The customer has access to 24/7 phone support that is based in Michigan, USA, and staffed by Level 3 operators so you will never run into some guy reading steps you need to take to reboot your server off of a work flow sheet before they will start to actually help you.

Liquidweb also wholly owns their datacenter, they manage the equipment themselves and don't resell someone else's resources. In addition and perhaps most importantly they provide a 100% network uptime SLA.

To top that off Liquidweb takes an array of actions to harden your system against brute force and DOS attacks as well as constantly monitors your system for intrusion and performance issues. You can read more about their ServerSecure™ service which is included in the monthly price here: and read more about the Sonar performance monitoring which is also included in the monthly price here:

Some people favor unmanaged servers to lower the monthly cost. I too looked into that myself, but what I found is that for example a 1GB VPS at Linode, which offers lower storage, lower transfer, no cPanel, and is unmanaged $40/month. For $20 more per month I get 5x more transfer, cPanel, and most importantly someone I can call and who will drop everything to fix it when something doesn't work, or even if I just have a question about how to set something up myself.

Now I don't know what your time is worth to you, but if I even just save a single hour a month that I can spend on something other than monkeying around with an unmanaged server then the $20/month that I pay to Liquidweb are totally worth it to me.

Liquidweb also offers regular shared, dedicated, and cloud based services. While the shared web hosting is on the expensive side you can be sure that the service is not oversubscribed. If you only want to put up some static web pages then any less expensive shared web hosting will do, we all know you can get shared hosting for as low as $4/month elsewhere. However, if you are unsure about the direction your forum will take and you don't want to take the chance to have for example HostGator bog your forum down because they run your database on the same server as the DBs of approximately 242,430,430 other users (exaggerated for dramatic effect) then Liquidweb is also a good choice to get your forum started on a less expensive shared hosting plan which is carefully monitored to ensure that it is not oversubscribed.

If you have any questions about LW feel free to post them here or feel free to chat up their helpful staff at click Live Chat in the top right corner.

Lastly, the Liquidweb datacenters are located in Lansing Michgan on multi-homed Internet backbones, but if you are in Europe or Asia and you are catering to a local crowd, then a service based in Central USA is probably not the right choice for you.

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