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Likes Review - Most Liked Posts


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This is the script I threw together for my Have You Seen... video 'Playing With Colour'.

It adds a new page that shows the most liked posts on the board. The number of posts shown is controlled by an option in the Messages group that is inserted by the add-on.

Screen shot 2010-10-06 at 21.09.44.png

To install, unzip the attached file, copy the 'LikeReview' folder into the 'library' of your XenForo Directory, then install the add-on XML file using your XenForo admin control panel.

The new page will then be available at /likes-review/ on your installation.


This add-on is fairly basic, but it should give a good insight into how completely new pages can be created for XenForo.

Note this is for demonstration purposes: it doesn't check post viewing permissions.


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Does it add a new menu bar item or is the page only accessible if you know the URL?

As standard it doesnt add a menu item - but you should be able to just add that on to the code (someone posted showing you how to add a tab in the articles/tutorials section IIRC)


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Just as a caveat, this is mostly just a demonstration. It doesn't check post viewing permissions.


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The fact that it doesn't check for post viewing permissions is probably something that is worth mentioning in the OP.


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Hm, sounds actually more useful to put under the forum statistics sidebar to be honest.


Hopefully not! If it lists liked content from the staff forums or premium forums; it then discloses those titles :p


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great mod
any chance this would go in the sidebar
Instead of having it for all time. It would be great if we can set the top liked in x day
what you think?