XF 1.5 i want to have RSS that contain 10 most liked thread from specific category in a day, can i do it?


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what i saw is xenforo already have the basic function for that

1. Xenforo allows a category to show list of threads shorted by "likes". But it have no ability to limit it by time-frame. So very old post from 10 years ago also got listed.

2. Xenforo have search versatile search function, complete with time-frame filter but it does not allow to "short by likes".

3. all of those xenforo feature not accessible from RSS as far as i know.

So... can i do it using xenforo's RSS? or i need plugin? I've seen CTA Featured Threads & Portal but it have too much features than i need. I'm also not sure it allows the "featured article from likes" able to be presented in RSS.

thank you.
This would require custom development.
how about the 1st one, is it possible to make the thread display option to list most liked thread limited by certain time?

currently the "thread display option" do have the "short by most liked" but it includes thread from ages ago... from all-time.
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