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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Likes to avatar 1.0.0

    This addon allows putting likes to avatars
  2. eva2000

    Not planned Smart Facebook like button - faster load times

    Not sure if this can be used by Xenforo but the benchmark numbers are impressive https://github.com/flenczewski/SmartLikeIt :)
  3. Mr Lucky

    More accurate phrases for facebook likes

    Above the like/recommendation button, it says: "Share this page." However the number of likes seems to be for the entire thread, not per page. I understand this may be better, just the wording confused me as just above that is the page index showing distinct pages in the thread. It is not a...
  4. Amaury

    Lack of interest Ability to Remove Likes from Deleted Members

    It would definitely be helpful to have a cache rebuild option or something that removes likes from deleted members. Currently, the only way is by removing them in the database and then manually changing the like counts, which isn't a problem if it's only one user, but if it's multiple users...
  5. K

    URLs & old VBSEO likes?

    If I purchase XF now... what about the URLs? Can they be made similar to VBSEO, VB5 or such? (vb5 has broken links from around the internet) Can old VBSEO "likes" be imported? (it would be nice for members to retain their current likes/reputation) [I have a backup of my DB from a couple of...
  6. RichardKYA

    XF 1.5 Like thread's first post from within the thread list

    Would it be possible to like a thread's first post from within the thread list? I've added the likes count to the thread_list_item so that it is viewable in the thread list... ...if possible I would like to turn it into a button so that users can like the first post from here. I'm not sure...
  7. P

    Lack of interest Liked Posts on Sidebar

    We need to have a sidebar widget to show the liked posts.
  8. radenmas

    XF 1.5 i want to have RSS that contain 10 most liked thread from specific category in a day, can i do it?

    what i saw is xenforo already have the basic function for that 1. Xenforo allows a category to show list of threads shorted by "likes". But it have no ability to limit it by time-frame. So very old post from 10 years ago also got listed. 2. Xenforo have search versatile search function...
  9. Allan

    Like Conversation Messages - ThemesCorp.com 1.0.0

    This add-on lets you to like conversation messages! There are no renewal fees! Features: Usergroup permission Alert system
  10. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Like Threads 1.0.0

    [TH] Like Threads - Add a like system to threads Description This add-on adds a like system to your threads. Features Add ability to like threads Automatically set threads above a set threshold as sticky Show a specific number of most-liked threads on: The forum index A new...
  11. wmtech

    [WMTech] Personal Like Statistics 1.0.2

    Description: Personal Like Statistics adds a new tab to the profile pages of your users where the top users who are liked by that user and the top users who liked content of that user can be seen. Admin options include permissions for users and user groups to see that profile tab only at his...
  12. wmtech

    [WMTech] Personal Like Statistics [Paid]

    wmtech submitted a new resource: [WMTech] Personal Like Statistics - Show your users who likes them most and whom they like most Read more about this resource...
  13. Halcyon

    Lack of interest Should there be an Agree to Disagree button, like the like button?

    Should there be an 'Agree to Disagree' button, like the 'Like' button?