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[Liam W.] Post Macros 5.2.1 Fix 4

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Stuart Wright

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Same error as everyone else is seeing.
My host reached out to the Xenforo team and they came back with
Its a JS error.

jQuery.extend(XF.phrases, {
svNoticeTimeReplacables_second: "{count} second",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_seconds: "{count} seconds",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_minute: "{count} minute",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_minutes: "{count} minutes",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_hour: "{count} hour",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_hours: "{count} hours",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_day: "{count} day",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_days: "{count} days",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_week: "time.week",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_weeks: "{count} weeks",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_month: "{count} month",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_months: "{count} months",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_year: "{count} year",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_years: "{count} years",
svNoticeTimeReplacables_date_x_at_time_y: "{date} at {time}",
liamw_postmacros_insert_macro: "Insert macro",

The "sv" addon has added a double comma in.

This addon will need to be fixed or turned off.
Disabled until there is a fix.


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Yes indeed, I don't have this problem, but I think I know where it can come from, you can disable the template modification : helper_js_global of post macro. that will potentially correct the problem, (can you confirm it) if it is the case I will publish an update tonight.

Sorry !

No need to be sorry theses things happen but thanks for the fix! At first I thought it was me so hey glad to see it resolved 😃


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Please imagine the situation that you have only one macro.
It would save so many clicks if i could use it without the menu-click.

Or think you have only two or three of them?
It would be so wonderful to have every single one with an icon in the editor menu.

Yes, it is only one click, but 30 times a day, more than 200 times a week and around 900 clicks in a month and almost 11.000 clicks in a year are something I really would like to avoid.