Add-on latest updates page "portal"


I am looking to get a quota & hire a xenforo developer for a latest updates page that will pull recently posted games or recently updated games from 2 forums "or more"
I'd use xenporta but it lacks some features I need it to have, here is a list of features of what I need it to do.

maybe @Jaxel will be interested in a customized xenporta development.

List of features needed in this addon
  • auto post to latest updates page on latest threads/latest updates
  • List recently posted games from selectable forums
  • display images from attachments in a carousel of sorts
  • display thread tags & prefix
  • give users the ability to change to 3 styles of how the latest updates layout
  • search function within latest updates page that will ajax latest inquiry on that page.
  • filter games list by tags and prefix
  • ability to search between one or both categories/forums.
I have an example but it is NSFW so id rather show it in a pm.