Lack of interest Larger Trophy Points


I think what would be great to increase content on a website is to reward people with the ability to spend their earnings (posting for points) and winning trophy points to spend on stuff such as increase avatar space, more signature characters, options to buy for the ability to lock and edit own threads and/or posts etc.

These means it'd have to be an advance end on the admin system but it'd be really good touch to XenForo. It'd be an official part of it and people wouldn't have to download addons for something so great.

Obviously I haven't named all the features this could provide but it's an example, and for example mods could expand this feature too. Like website emails from in-side the forum for advance users (but made simple, cos thats what XenForo is!)


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This is pretty niche and while I like some of the ideas you present, it's not a must need for most customers and would add unnecessary weight to the package. A decent add-on could accomplish everything you've listed.