Kinetic Uploader [imgur] [Paid] [Deleted]

Shame. Only just bought it. Was waiting for a 1.2 compatible version before installing it. :(

Be good to see someone else take this on.
What happen to all the people that has bought your addon? They simply cannot use it anymore since it's not 1.2 compatible? That's not a fair practice...
Uninstalled it long back. Not friendly and feasible in long run.

and as always, developers here are now making a habbit of running away after selling their product :mad:

This is the 3rd product which i purchased in Xenforo and developer has ran away.
Oh this sucks, I didn't see this deleted until now. Another add-on purchased based on future broken promises.
This is exactly why I shy away from purchasing paid addons. Has happened more than once with XF, where dev goes on extended hiatus, or just disappears altogether.
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