XF 2.0 Keyboard shortcuts


I've recently upgrade to xenforo 2 a couple of our mods are asking where the keyboard shortcuts have gone. They used Ctrl-I italicises,. Ctrl-U underline and Ctrl-B bold plus others.

I find the following but can't work out how to assign a new shortcut attribute ?

Kier said:
Keyboard Shortcut System

New for XF2DP10 is a generic keyboard shortcut system, activated by assigning an attribute to any clickable or focusable element in a template.

Once a shortcut is defined, hitting the key or key combination specified will activate the targeted element.

We have already set up some default shortcuts to make navigation easier. These include:
  • M - Open the visitor menu
  • , (Comma) - Open the inbox/conversation menu
  • . (Period/full-stop) - Open the alerts menu
  • / (Forward slash) - Open the search menu (also in Admin control panel)
  • ALT+Z - Open the style chooser
  • ALT+X - Open the language chooser
  • ⌘+ENTER (Mac) or ÿ+ENTER (Windows) Submit the current form while in a <textarea> element (normally, ENTER will submit any form, but while you're in a <textarea>, the ENTER key simply inserts a new line)
Additionally, keys 1 to 0 will activate the corresponding tab (or tab menu) from the primary navigation strip, while ALT+1 to 0 will activate the corresponding item from the sub-navigation strip.

Accessibility for Keyboard Navigation

Along with keyboard shortcuts, we have improved the way that keyboard navigation works with menus and overlays. After a menu is activated, the up and down arrow keys will cycle through the available items in the newly-opened menu. Tab-focus is also moved to newly-opened menus and overlays automatically, so tabbing from the menu or overlay trigger will jump to elements within the newly-opened container.

Additionally, the system automatically detects the current navigation method, and will activate control outlines when keyboard navigation is in use.


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The keyboard shortcuts in the editor should still work -- I use them regularly. That's the CTRL+B type thing.

The keyboard shortcut system you're referring to is new but unrelated to the editor. Changing that system would require code/template changes.


Sorry yes the CTRL+B is working, the members are saying with xenforo 1 they could press ALT+S to post a reply. and also they had a shortcut for the smilies.


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We no longer use alt+s for form submission as it has a lot of conflicts (and it also varies with browser support). We use ctrl+enter in the rich text editor and textareas.

I don't believe that there's a keyboard shortcut to toggle smilies, though you'd likely need a mouse to insert a particular smilie anyway.