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Hello, everyone,

@OzzModz and 0815 (Given to us in Xendach as contact persons in German)

I would like to set up a "karma bar" in a forum where I am an admin.

So here's the idea (already posted in another forum):

Users like posts. You can use the phrases to set whether it says like, thank you or something else.

But I would like to add a rating at the bottom of the forum that shows, for example, that the posts by user X
just have 1000 likes or in an interval of 1-2 weeks something like "The most popular and most liked users" is created.

Then users would stand next to each other and that could give an incentive to participate more because you
at the bottom of the forum then as it were "Der Likekönig". Would there be 10-15 places awarded. Then the almost 15 most liked users.

can you help me?

Which plugin will you need for that?
We have the latest Xen version 2.2.10.

I'm really looking forward to your support with this hehe


Attached is an example to give you a better idea. Don't be surprised, I'm from Germany... sorry for the imperfect English.


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You will need to ask the license owner to add your forum user name to their account so you can post in the forums and receive support.
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