1. R

    Karma function in the like system

    Hello, everyone, @OzzModz and 0815 (Given to us in Xendach as contact persons in German) I would like to set up a "karma bar" in a forum where I am an admin. So here's the idea (already posted in another forum): Users like posts. You can use the phrases to set whether it says...
  2. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Thread Rating System 1.1.1

    Ratings let us know what you find important and feel should be acknowledged - it gives you a say in what goes on in the forum, and lets other people know that you value and appreciate the time given by those who share their knowledge! Threads rated with three to five stars can also lead to...
  3. XFA

    [XFA] Users Ratings/Reputations System 1.2.0

    Description Have you ever wanted to provide your users with the ability to judge one another with something a little more detailed than the Reaction system ? Our Reputation System add-on aims at filling this gap allowing users to give positive, neutral or negative rating to each others with or...
  4. J

    Unmaintained Sugar Coding - User Feedback 0.3.0 Beta

    The User Feedback system is a relatively simple add-on that does one thing well - it allows your users to leave feedback for each other (either positive, neutral or negative), resulting in a feedback score that can be viewed in a user's profile, in their posts, or on their feedback page...
  5. XenConcept

    Unmaintained [XenConcept] XR Product Manager - Rating 2.0.0

    This addon allows members to rate the products. You can manage permissions for your members. Options were put in place. Define them to better manage the add-on. Set your preferences to receive alerts. You can receive alerts as soon as a review is created. The member also...
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