[XFA] Users Ratings/Reputations System

[XFA] Users Ratings/Reputations System 1.2.0

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Have you ever wanted to provide your users with the ability to judge one another with something a little more detailed than the Reaction system ? Our Reputation System add-on aims at filling this gap allowing users to give positive, neutral or negative rating to each others with or without commenting, thus providing relevant information on them.

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  • One time only (editable) rating from a user to another. Optionally anonymous.
  • Reputation score displayed in membercard, profile and postbit
  • List of latest rating in user profile
  • Detailed rating list page
  • Alert sent upon rating
  • Limit ratings visibility to giver/receiver
  • Permission based:
    • View user ratings
    • Limit view to only own ratings (given/received)
    • Rate other users
    • Post anonymous ratings
    • View anonymous posters
    • Maximum reputation points (positive or negative) a user can be given
    • Delete own rating
    • Delete any rating
  • Sufficiently configurable:
    • Select whether or not a comment is mandatory rating a user
    • Minimum number of characters for comments
    • Number of ratings per page
  • User criteria (for trophies): [NEW 1.2.0]
    • Total score
    • Number of positive ratings
    • Number of neutral ratings
    • Number of negative ratings
And more to come in the future: widget, stats, ...

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
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Not sure that's a rating ? :)
I was happy when i saw a reputation system from XFA, a developer known for his quality add-ons. It's great i can finally rate users and send rep messages. I'm waiting excitedly for the updates.
Thank you :)
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