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A huge fan of vbulletin 3.8, upgraded to 4.2 and was highly disappointed. I've visited many Xenforo forums and fell in love instantly. Xenforo is young and looking better everyday, pleased to be in the Xenforo club :)

I have a gaming site which has a custom design and feel to it, What resources/modifications do you guys recommend? What are some of your personal favorites?


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Welcome to the club! I recently bought Xenforo too and moved the PS3 gaming site I run onto it from phpBB. A very good move, it's a lot more 'modern' looking, has better functionality and I can easily add extras through plug in without modding core files as I had to do on the old site.

There are lots of useful resources, so look at the top and most downloaded as suggested. Two I suggest you look at are XenPorta for a front page portal and XenAtendo for an events system.

Good luck with the move to Xenforo!


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Awesome thank you guys!

Question, I am trying to change my avatar size to 150x150. Does anyone know how to do this? I tried searching in the posts and was successful but the avatar and posting was all bunched up together without spacing.


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Some good add-ons

Post Ratings - An extension of the Likes system
Showcase - Display imagery and just about everything with this add-on.
Bookmarks - Bookmark your fav threads/posts.
Node as Tabs - Most useful add-on on xenforo.
Notifications by Chris Deeming - Allows you to display mini notifications and has a vast mount of options.
Xenmoods - Mood manager add-on

But I suggest you look around and see what add-ons your site will benefit from since every site is different and so are peoples needs. Welcome to xenforo. :)


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What I did was go in the FTP and in the Model folder I went into Avatar.php and changed the " l " from 192 to 150 and saved it, then followed those instructions. And this is what I got


How will I be able to fix that because the avatar appears to be 150 px and the background appears to be bigger, therefore spacing it out a bit.

I am also trying to space the avatar and post because it looks all crunched up as you can see in my uploaded file, I want to space the red box to look like how it is in the black arrow.


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You will need to make the associated template or CSS edits to accommodate the new avatar size.

The resource I linked to points you to the right areas, you just need to adjust the values to suit.


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Also be aware that this alteration affects the layout within personal conversion area (if memory recalls) so you may also want to check in this area that everything is displaying as it should and that there is no adverse breakages.


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All right thanks I got the avatar fitted, The only thing I need is the spacing between avatar and the post. I pretty much tried everything and I'm coming up empty :/.


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