Just an absolute nightmare... Willing to pay $$$+ USD for dedicated help from someone.


So, wall of text inbound, sorry..

I have a website, and i was trying to integrate Wordpress with Xenforo, but have been pretty unsuccessful so far.

This is done via an addon for WP that allows XF to bridge some stuff, this is the addon.

I'm trying to get it so that:

  • User accounts are linked to both WP and XF (I think i kind of have this working, but its hard to tell)
  • Making a WP Article posts it to XF in a selected board (Doesnt currently work)
  • Posting/commenting on a Wordpress article actually works. (Doesnt currently work)
  • Able to make various tweaks and changes to the website code to integrate it with the forum for a 'seamless' transition, so that it looks like it's part of the website.
  • Have the login and menubar (from when you're logged in) on the main page (Separate from the forums) Example:

  • Trying to get several related plugins/addons integrated and working fully;

I have seen websites that have all of this working and integrated, yet when asking the owners they are very unhelpful or reluctant.

What i'm after is someone that knows how to do all of this, and either has experience with it, and can either do this for me, or extensively assist me with doing this..

This has been such a frustrating situation. I've only just started learning CSS/PHP/HTML and have really limited knowledge. Needing to do all of these things is very difficult for me and i bought the forum software and a few plugins/addons with the intention of this website in mind.

If someone is able to help me with this, i'd be more than happy to pay into the dollars around $100+ if necessary.

Feeling really low at this point, i've tried really hard to make this work and it's really disheartening just not being able to. I have set myself a time-frame of about a month, but at this rate, alone, it'll take me months, if not years, and by that point it's useless and not really any point to it.

Thanks for reading