Jquery update for xenforo?


Is there any reason why xenforo doesn't use an upto date version of Jquery? Im using the login/logout features externally on the site and its causing conflict issues with other javascript. What I want to do is use Jquery version 1.7.2 instead of trying to run two versions which is very messy.
When I do that the xenforo Javascript falls apart and will not work.

Im not savvy enough with js to sort out the issue and fix it (I know a little but really am out of my comfort zone with it) to work with the version I want so I'm left thinking the easiest way to fix it would be use version 1.5.2 for the rest of my script and forget 1.7.2 but thats backward thinking. Is there any plans to update this? OR alternately can any one tell me why 1.7.2 might affect the overly box script.