It's alive ... It's alive !!!!!!


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The numbers and dates speak for themselves. :)

XenForo 1.0 Beta 1: October 6, 2010
3 months, 14 days later...
XenForo 1.0 Release Candidate 1: January 20, 2011
1 month, 16 days later...
XenForo 1.0 Stable: March 8, 2011

And now...

XenForo 1.1 Beta 1: October 6, 2011 (exactly 1 year after release of 1.0 beta 1)
1 month, 9 days later...
XenForo 1.1 Release Candidate 1: November 15, 2011
1 week later...
XenForo 1.1 Stable: November 22, 2011

Congratulations Kier, Mike, Ashley, Paul, Lawrence and Dean. You guys have done a spectacular job and deserve a pat on the back! (y)


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Well it's looking like we're going to switch from IPB 3.2 with IPC to XF 1.1 with XenPorta as soon as our skin is ready.

Reasons? After using VB4 Suite, IPB 3.2/IPC and XF (on another site), XF is just the better fit for what we require. Simplicity, style and usability. And XenPorta is a really nice portal system, along with some of the other well made add-ons by the community.

Looking forward to it!


Congrats to the team with this milestone. Nothing but good stuff since day 1.
Private alpha to first public release, to stable 1.0 and now 1.1. .. Nothing but proof that they can write something from scratch, be good at it, be the startup they can be, and do good by the customers with quality support and products.
I haven't had this much fun with forum software since the last 3.6 release of vBulletin.


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Congratulations to the whole team. Great work.
Since I am a proud member of XF, there was no day i wasnt lucky about this.
Hope there will be a great future for all of us.


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Thanks a ton, folks! Congratulations on spectacular release. You've restored my faith in quality software development :)

By the way, when are we getting vB 4 importer and sitemaps ;)


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Well done, haven't visited here for a few weeks and nice surprise. Now to make time to upgrade. :)


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Considering all the extra features which were added during the beta phase, as a direct result of customer feedback, 1 month and 17 days from first beta to stable is pretty damned impressive.
Indeed. Congratulation to xenforo team :)