XF 2.1 Issues with recurring stripe subscriptions

Jake B.

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We're having Stripe subscriptions get stuck in a weird state where they won't renew automatically, and the payment gets marked as incomplete. When they manually recreate their subscription Stripe shows it as a month trial. Hovering over the "Incomplete" for the payment says "This customer has not entered their payment method" even though it is saved on the Stripe customer

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Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 2.52.40 PM.png

@Chris D any ideas what could cause this? I've seen a couple other threads, but I'm not 100% certain they're the same issue:


Chris D

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I would certainly expect those being related or the same issue. We overhauled the Stripe subscription handling in XF 2.2 so at this point we'd strongly recommend affected users to upgrade to XF 2.2 at the earliest opportunity.