XF 1.2 Is this a bug?


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I have my permissions set as regular members not being allowed to view member profiles and members.

Today, a new member told me that he can view members' profiles if he right clicks on the member name.

I just realized I am using the member protection page addon...

I need to protect my members form newbies who sometimes become harassing...how can I do this?


URL: http://goo.gl/KJjMHt


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If you disable the add-on, do things work as expected? If so, then it's an add-on issue, in which case you should ask in the add-on thread.


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Thanks Amaury...if I disable it, then I lose the ability to protect member lists and profiles...
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As stated, you'll need to ask the add-on author. They'll know their add-on well enough to know what to change to fix it.