XF 1.3 Is there way to restrict an attachment for moderators only?

For example, we have a forum user who want to provide a sensitive information(passwords, etc) for moderators or administrative users. The information will be added to forum post as an attachment.

Is there way to hide such attachment from other non-administrative users?



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Revoke the View threads by others permission for the Registered user group, allow if for the staff user groups.


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If it's an attachment, you would disable the ability to view attachments, but I'm not positive if they can upload an attachment without the ability to view them.

So @Brogan's suggestion is probably better: just revoke the ability to even view others' threads and they won't know the threads even exist.
In such case all attachments will not be available for all registered users...
I want to implement something like that: [STAFF_ONLY]my-attachment.pdf[/STAFF_ONLY]

So, this particular attachment will be hidden from other users but visible for staff users.