XF 1.5 Is There A Way To Automatically Restrict The Thread To The Original Poster?

Ariel Schnee

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Like in a fanfiction forum.

There is a Category called "Writing" > a Forum called "KanColle Crossover SI" then a Sub-Forum called "Worm" then a Sub-Forum called "Abyssal Princess" then a Sub-Forum called "Spaceshipgirl" then a Sub-Forum called "Comments" (where a comment thread would be posted for the fanfic posted in the Sub-Forum "Spaceshipgirl").

What I want to know is is if there is a way to automatically make it so that only the author who posted a fanfic called "I'm An Abyssal Spaceship Now?" in the Sub-Forum "Spaceshipgirl" is the only one, aside from the Admins, who can post in that thread. This way only the author can post in their thread. Others would post their comments in the "Comments" Sub-Forum in the "I'm An Abyssal Spaceship Now? - Comments" thread.

I really need to know about this.

Please let me know soon.


Never mind now. Found it here.

https://xenforo.com/community/threa...ertain-user-group-to-reply-to-threads.118530/ .

https://xenforo.com/community/resources/split-reply-permission.4457/ .
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