XF 1.5 Is there any way to batch soft-delete or batch move POSTS from a specific user by date?


I know this may be a bit of a corner case, but I'm wondering if there's any way to move/hide all the posts from a specific user older than say a year or two?

The "Batch Update Threads" functionality already comes very close to this, but I don't want to actually move/delete a bunch of threads started by this user, I actually want to just hide/move older POSTS only from a specific user. Basically a way to not mess up the last year or so of posting, but make a lot of older posts disappear (I have more than one person on my board who would like to have their older history hidden).

I'm guessing there's probably no simple way to do this via gui, but maybe it's not too hard to do via mysql or phpmyadmin?


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There isn't a way to do it in bulk and we'd never recommend doing these kind of manipulations via the database.

Your best bet would be to use the search to identify their posts. You can use inline moderation to remove those posts then. (You can enable inline moderation within search results.)


Thanks for the quick response @Mike - will take a look at the search and inline mod feature. Seems like it could be a whole lot of work though for potentially thousands of posts.

I understand potential hazards of making changes via DB but I would have thought a soft delete or move could be a relatively simple change. As I haven't actually done my final board migration, I may create a couple of test threads and experiment with the process. I'm not terribly worried about messing anything up as I can just drop all tables and restore (which I've already done a few times while test-driving migration.)