XF 2.0 Is there a Quick-Navigation-Menu equivalent in XF2


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I recall that there was a Quick-Navigation-Menu that would pop out when clicked. This was/is in XF1.X (when we tested it some time ago) and also can be seen on the AdminZone forums. For the life of me, I can't see any equivalent function in XF2 in the ACP/Setup/Options or in the Style settings.


That's a shame, we've just upgraded to XF2 and are missing this feature :(

Is there any way of doing something similar?



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Same question. A lot of our users are complaining that it’s gone and asking us to bring it back.

I can’t really think of a good reason why it was removed? Given it was widely used and a fairly key part of the navigation it seems strange to just remove it.

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Honest question, what are you guys referencing to? Never noticed a "quick navigation" nor used it in 1.5.

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I can see why it was removed from XF2. This is a really bad position for the quick nav. Instead, just use the public navigation menu to create node links into your nav. This way you can have the quick nav on every page and it's well positioned.



Edit: sorry, I missed the functionality of using Nodes there. I'd do good at re-reading twice before replying.
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