Add-on Is there a ******* mod* stat* equivalent for XF2?


To the point where I really should upgrade my site to XF2, but one thing stands in my way. Finding a replacement for my "modern statistics" addon by they who cannot be named. I know I know, I got it before all that and now I'm stuck with it. Attempts to replace its functionality have been met with great resistance by my members.

So, is there an equivalent XF2 addon that will let me have a tabbed area with new replies, new threads, rss feeds, selective for different forums, etc. etc. in different tabs like MS? or am I stuck? Been searching for a while and I'm either not searching for the right keywords or there really isn't anything else.

For those who don't know it has nothing at all to do with "statistics" actually, saw a couple of old threads that went down that road. TIA.
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