Is _Get / _Post possible with Xen Pages?


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A little background, a popular game called Ark has the ability to call a web file(php) via post to send notifications when a big event happens. It uses a _post in this format


Tested with normal php file with no issues. Was hoping I could get it to work with Xenforo's php callback. So I tried creating a page, made the callback to the php file which works, but if I try to _get with the page ie pages/ark?key=blahblahblah etc, I get a blank page.

If not possible , any suggestions?

If possible here is my code for reference. (Class etc match the callback from xenforo).


class ArkWebAlarms_alarm {
    public static function getAlarm() {

        if($_GET["key"] && $_GET["steamid"] && $_GET["notetitle"] && $_GET["message"]) {
            $key = urldecode($_GET["key"]);
            $steamid = urldecode($_GET["steamid"]);
            $title = urldecode($_GET["notetitle"]);
            $message = urldecode($_GET["message"]);
         if ($key == "Th4t5my53cr3tC0d3!") {
            echo $title . $steamid . $message;


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I don't believe we touch the super globals directly, so I don't believe there's any reason why they shouldn't be accessible.