IPB 3.4.4 to Xenforo



I need some help ... have IPB 3.3.4 , IP Gallery, IP Content, IP Blog and IP Downloads...

How is with conversion to Xenforo and what I should lose (mean blogs, pictures from gallery)?
Also I have IBproArcade with 2000 games ... can arcade be also converted to Xenforo?

For IP Downloads and IP Content - no problems if can not convert.
Have about 17000 posts and 500 members.

Please some help and info (advice)!




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I've got some IPB sites that I've been waiting to convert for a long time and thankfully we're almost able to. IPB 3.3.4 > XF is straightforward, but for the gallery you'll need to wait for a converter for XenMediaGallery (http://xenmediagallery.com/) - I don't think it will be too long as Chris seems like a fast coder. I can't comment on IPBlog as I'm just going to convert that to normal threads, but there are some blog addons available (perhaps with an importer?).

You'll enjoy using XF - it's a pleasure to administer (and post with!). :)


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Forum - XF converter works fine. You may need to use the find and replace addon for some posts.
Downloads - The RM manager sold by XF. I do not think there is an importer at this time.
Blogs - There are a few blogs in the RM. I think one of them has an importer. I could be wrong.
IP.Content - Nothing available at this time. However, there is a bridge for XF & WP.
Arcade - There is an arcade. More info here.
Gallery - PhotoPost integrates with XF and has an IP.Gallery importer that works.


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God you bought a lot of IPB stuff. Are you sure you want to throw it out like that in a conversion to this? Maybe make a new site with this instead? IPB is awesome too. Basically if it's not broken don't fix it.


Yes, I have a lot of IPB stuff and paid mods and paid skins ...but they improve editor 2 years and I lose many posts after every update. Tired for IPB... and their development ... They should go to some course to teach ... not that customers lose many posts because of editor ....

Yes..maybe is that also solution ...but have a lot gallery pictures and also posts what I do not want to lose.