IPB 3.4.4 to Xenforo


Hi, I am thinking on converting my IPB 3.4.4 to Xenforo. I have some questions:

1) Is there a converter for my version of IPB?

2) Should I expect some errors that must be manually adressed after conversion?

3) Can I keep the same urls structures as IPB uses for topics, forums, profiles etc?

4) I would like to understand your renewal policy better. With IPB, I can stay, let's say, 2 years without renewing my license (and not upgrading or receiving support, of course), and if I want to renew after that all I have to do is pay the renewal fee. Is that the same here? Or I will have to pay for those 2 years that I didn't upgrade?

5) Are your licenses version specific like VBulletin or they are like IPB, where it doesn't matter the version, if you have an active license you can always upgrade to any version?

Thank you.


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Yes, see the FAQ for what is imported: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/pre-sales-faq.4951/

You shouldn't expect any errors but you may need to review permissions and some custom bb code may need addressing.

I don't know the URL structure of IPB but all you can do is set up route filters.
It isn't possible to have totally custom URLs.
There are redirection scripts to ensure existing indexed links are redirected.

The renewal fee is the same no matter how long your active support has lapsed.

The current license terms allow you to renew and upgrade to the latest version.