Interview With Chris Deeming

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We've just posted an Interview with Chris Deeming on Admin Extra. :cool:

Here's a sample:
Which single add-on of yours are you proudest of?

Quite simply Xen Media Gallery. It's a wonderful product that I'm extremely proud of. It also has an incredibly bright future. The development of it hasn't been as quick as I had hoped, but I've made some great progress towards its next incarnation. In terms of progress towards version 1.3, it will soon be considered to be beta. At which point I will start talking about it a lot more, and there will be some very lucky beta testers who will get early access.

What advice do you have for people just starting out as coders?

If we're talking about starting to code with XenForo then take a lot of steer from the code that's already there. Pay attention to the XenForo code and its structure. You'll learn a lot from it! Learning for yourself is a very important factor. You will get stuck and you will need to ask for help which is of course absolutely fine, but it's important that you take on board any advice and feedback you're given so you learn from it.
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