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International xf club (for non official xf support)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by najaru, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. najaru

    najaru Active Member

    Hello everyone.
    We would like to launch an idea, which we have already spoken privately with some admin unofficial xenforo support forum

    The idea would be to create a network among these support forums, a network that would have the simple aim of maintaining active collaboration and sharing of resources (for example, if the Italians write a tutorial to make a change to the template, the administrators of the forum and French Russia can easily translate the tutorial and add it to their forum without asking for permission each time).
    Besides this, the "virtual club" would best advertise any products marketed payment on one of those forums.

    Obviously there would be no written agreement, no contract nor special rules. That would be very light

    In practice, the network could be achieved in two ways (the ones that we thought we, then, if others have other ideas are welcome)

    A-domain called for example xk-international-club.com (bought by those who want) with a simple HTML page in which to insert an explanation of what represents the network and the references and links to our various support forums. Then each would put the forum link in the footer of this page

    B-in each forum an internal page (same for all) with the same content of the page described in Section A above
    I hope that the majority of the admin decided to join

    Proposals and ideas are always welcome

  2. Vladislav Rastrusny

    Vladislav Rastrusny Active Member

    It sounds like a good idea, but I don't quite see what purpose it serves.
    I think, this particular website serves this purpose best of all.
    I think I can undersign this without any clubs. Actually, I should translation permission (of course, with a reference to original author) must the the requirement for posting any article here on forum.
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  3. najaru

    najaru Active Member

    There is no real purpose, and I used the club name only figurative meaning ...... It's just an idea, it's just little network between us.

    This website is good for sharing resource, but it's not good for every specific language (Had he been fit, we would not have opened a support Italian and you would not have opened a Russian support ;) )
  4. Perspektif

    Perspektif Active Member

    im agree with najaru i support the same idea and we can organize friendly member groups among us to visit the sites...
    there shouldnt be a restriction to be an official site among these sites...
    with this little but smart organization, XF usage will spread out and we can improve ourselves technically helping one another.
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  5. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    Anybody created this network?:D
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  6. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    or maybe an international forum here ? - Note: ideally the Non-English results wouldn't show up in What's New.

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