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This sis a suggestion to save our XF support team a little valuable time, and yet give them a thanks, and (rosy glow) completion.
When I get support from a mod on the board which achieves Fix I don't usually answer to say thanks because that shows up to them as yet another post to check for my possible neediness. If I just say thanks - when a support worker is very tired and busy - this can actually be slightly annoying to open the thread up but it doesnt need attention. 100s of threads at times and some can be tricky. So I use Like and do NOT post further, to show I'm satisfied.
(I do if there's something specific to say re especial achievement)

On a support ticket all I can do is either raise an apparent demand for more support work by posting in again, or leave my helper unthanked.
This isn't just about formality politeness. Support work is often tiring fussy and unrewarding so a "Thank you, you've done this job excellently and made me happy" is a small, but crucial component which patters away at balancing fatigue, cumulatively refreshing energy, and preventing burnout over the long term.

My request is therefore to have a button on my tickets I can click to Like/ Thank.
Plus a small addition to the email text asking for the ticket to be confirmed as Completed.
Maybe even a touch of automagic in the email to click to just Like/ Thank without opening the page.
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