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Integration with CakePHP, achievable?

I've tried to research this but with no successful results. I posted this on stackoverflow but with no replies:

For my application I'm trying to implement the XenForo forum software into my CakePHP site. I've installed XenForo in AppName/app/webroot/community and the system itself works as intended. When going to http://localhost/AppName/community however, it redirects me tohttp://localhost/AppName/app/webroot/community/
Going to http://localhost/AppName/community/ (note the trailing slash) gives me an unmarked up page of the forum with an Error that the page could not be found.
I would like to prevent this from happening, and make XenForo use the URL I've supplied. I've tried setting the <base> to <base href="http://localhost/AppName/community/" />, but to no success.
The Board URL in the Admin CP of XenForo is also set to http://localhost/AppName/community(with no trailing slash)
If you have a clue how to fix this, that'd be great.

Jeremy P

Well-known member
Have you set the RewriteBase in your .htaccess file?
I'd recommend placing the community directory outside of the CakePHP folders and instead configuring your webserver to get /community or even a subdomain for the forums.
Thanks for your reply!

A subdomain would be an easy solution, but we'd like to have it accessible at /community/ with one domain. (Just like xenforo has right here).
I did try various HTACCESS approaches but none which succeeded. Would you have any idea how this is best approached?

Jeremy P

Well-known member
I'm sorry, I don't use Apache. I am pretty positive you could have /community/ alias to a another directory in your Apache config though. No matter how you do it though, your above problem looks like an Apache misconfiguration.
Hmm it should be noted that I had a vBulletin installation running successfully in /forums/ without any hassle.
This gives me reason to believe XenForo rewrites itself to be /app/webroot/community/ instead of just working at /community/