Ink/Stitch User Community


I ran a Xenforo forum about 4 years ago. I had the licenses collecting dust.. Since I have been involved as a user of Ink/Stitch for the past couple of years and there is not to many alternatives for group interaction other than Facebook and Reddit. I spawned this site. Xenforo has changed a lot in 4 years.


My wife had a embroidery machine which of course has built in designs, but what about your own designs. She wanted to look at software or buy designs. Digitizing software for embroidery is pretty pricey. I was like there has to be a better and cheaper way of doing this. Embroidery machines fundamentally just follow coordinate instructions... I found Ink/Stitch which is an extension of Inkscape. In a nutshell, now I do all designs as my wife does a lot of quilting and stuff like that. Kind of nice to have projects that we can work together on. Actually I have been exposed to something I thought I would never be interested in. My eyes have been opened.

The site:

I just turned this up and have no members as of yet. I am still working on this and tossed up a quick logo and color changes. Still working on refreshing my Xenforo memory and consuming the new stuff (features). :eek: The site I had four years ago I did the style. I got lazy and bought UIX 2 so I could get something up quicker than a custom style. UIX 2 looks nice.

Well see how this goes. If you are interested in machine embroidery feel free to visit. Excuse the WIP dust.