XF 1.3 Incorrect password error after moving to new host

I have moved forum to new web host and now passwords are not working. We can log in to forum after resetting password. What can be the reason?

I am not sure about xf version. How to check it?


XenForo developer
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Absolutely positive on the PHP version? You should check it from within XF via admin.php?tools/phpinfo . It's fairly common to have multiple PHP versions on a server and they tend to default to the older version.

Before i quoted php versions from cpanel.

Old server: PHP Version 5.4.29

New server: PHP Version 5.2.17

Is there any solution? How big this issue is? Will i also face other problems?


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You should contact your host and have them tell you how to switch to PHP 5.4 (or newer).

While PHP 5.2 is still supported for XF right now, we don't support downgrading to it. PHP 5.2 is completely unsupported by the PHP developers so I strongly recommend migrating to a newer version. There are likely unfixed security issues in the version you're using.

Tracy Perry

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Depending on the host (if this is a shared hosting provider) you can frequently add some code to your .htaccess to change the PHP version if they offer multiple ones (HostGator does this). Generally the hosting provider FAQ will have that information in it.