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Fixed Inbox Alert won't go away


Well-known member
This is the first time this has ever happened to me so maybe it's just an odd-ball event.

I've been in a conversation with another user, and the moment I sent a response he did as well and the indicator popped up saying I have one unread conversation.

opening it via the dropdown brings me to the latest post is which is made by me, refreshing, hard-refreshing opening the inbox menu and clicking the convo will not clear the alert.



I haven't tried clicking Mark as unread or and then mark as read, or replying to the conversation just figured I'd post the bug report first as it could seem odd for someone new to XenForo who might get this.


Well-known member
I'll send you a conversation. Let me know if that clears it.

Reply and I'll see if I can reproduce it as well.
Honestly out of hundreds of convo's this is a first, I think it has to do with the time the message was submitted possibly.
I did experience this myself, from memory I selected the PM from the conversations overview page and marked it as read from there. Try that, hopefully works.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I think I have a workaround for this. It looks to be specific to the case of someone else inserting a reply at the exact second you do but the queries running slightly after yours. This causes their is_unread = 1 query to trigger (after you just set is_unread = 0). Your last_read_date has now been set to the time of your message (which is also theirs). The code to trigger marking a conversation as read only applies when the last_read_date < last_message_date (which brings last_read_date = last_message_date and sets is_unread = 0).

I believe we can check if last_read_date == last_message_date and is_unread = 1 and force marking then. Alternatively, simply marking it as unread and reloading should sort it.