XF 2.2 [Help] Approval queue Badge Won't Go Away

Where are your count of posts and threads coming from?

If that is a simple SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xf_approval_queue WHERE content_type = 'post|thread' then this wouldn't be accurate.

The line you have commented out takes into consideration the items that the logged in user can actually view and action.

The discrepancy may be because the currently logged in user is not able to see or action some of the items of content. For example, the post or thread may be in a forum that the logged in user doesn't have permission to view, or permission to approve/unapprove items in.

So, based on what you've said so far, my hunch is that the fix is correct.
Hi Chris,

I need your help on this. We have forum site under Xenforo and the Approval Queue is acting weird. It is showing a pending approval but when we click it. It is empty.


Is there a way we can fix this please?