XF 1.2 User name CSS won't go away after 1.2 upgrade

Back in the 1.1 days, we added colored text for our VIP members. Here's an example of code snippet we used to for our Gold+ VIP members in the User Name CSS field.

<span style="color:rgb(139,105,16)">SA:MP VIP Gold+</span>
Now that we've upgraded to 1.2 and have access to user banners, that was no longer necessary. Here is how that user group is setup.

However, here is what that setup actually returns.

As you can see, the new user banner is there, but there is also the "V.I.P. Gold+" bit of text that was removed.

I have tried removing and then re-adding the player to the VIP Gold+ usergroup, I have tried adding completely different text in the User Name CSS field, but nothing works.

Example thread: http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/my-thoughts.62108/page-2#post-617432


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The link is inaccessible to guests.

How has the "V.I.P. Gold+" been added?
That still exists and needs to be removed.
If you can provide an ACP login I can take a look.
That's quite all right, I believe I found the cause of my problem. I had a template called secondary_groups that was providing the user title styling that I couldn't get rid of. I've reverted that template (which actually completely removed it) and now things are the way I expect them to be.

Thank you for your help!!