XF 1.5 Inaccurate forum totals



I've noticed that for a while my member count on my forum has been in the ~30Ks, maybe around a year or more. It was a huge slowdown in what our registrations used to be but I didn't really think much of it. But, I checked this morning and our most recent user has the user number of 47,474.

I did read that the totals didn't count banned or invalid users but I really doubt theres over 10k of these accounts.

I also checked my other forum totals such as messages, which have been around ~100k for some time. I rebuilt the search index and it found over 300,000 posts on my forum - I'm not sure if these count but it also found way over 100k statuses, and 200k profile post comments.

The totals say we have 25k threads, rebuilding search index found over 60k of them.

The cron appears to be working, every time I post a message and run the cron the message count in the totals goes up by one, but I'm not sure why its not including most of our messages, members, and threads.


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All of the numbers you've referenced are IDs. There can be large gaps in them.

If you are seeing the numbers change over time, I can say with almost certainty that they're correct.

The user count doesn't include anyone who is banned or isn't "valid"; this means that none of the users awaiting email confirmation count. There will likely be a lot of those. (If you do email bounce processing, people with invalidated emails don't count).

Similarly, the thread and message counts only include visible content.