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I have posted this in the mod requests forum but after thinking carefully I feel this would a fantastic addition to the core product. Anything that places a lot of power in the forum owners hands, increases usability and has multiple uses has to be a good thing.

I would like to propose a functionality that will enable a forum owner to:-
  • Improve site usability and readability (especially for niche sites)
  • Improve on-site SEO / crosslinking
  • Extend the FAQ system with a Glossary of Terms that links site-wide
  • Much more.... your imagination is really the limit
The improvement could essentially do all these things and more if it were written to be flexible.

What will this do?
Administrator can define a keyword / keyword phrase and specify a URL where more info can be found (for that keyword). Any occurrences of the keyword/phrase in user content is turned into a hyperlink. If the destination link is a thread, it would be nice to have the option to open it (first post) in an overlay to compliment a glossary function.

Global Options Required
  • Global on/off switch for the system
  • Specify which content types the system will transform, eg... posts/conversations/profile posts/pages/etc/etc
  • Specify if only plain text should be transformed or if text within bbcode markup and hyperlinks should be marked up also
  • Limit the number of times the same keyword on the same page should be transformed. Occurences over this limit are left as is
  • Should function on the fly without altering content in the database
Keyword / Phrase Options Required
  • Ability to add/edit/remove a keyword or phrase
  • Ability to link the keyword/phrase to a thread/page/node/FAQ Item or any custom URL
  • Ability to make active / inactive each phrase (this is helpful at times)
  • Specify if content will load in an overlay (useful for glossary use) if the URL is a page, thread or help (FAQ) item
Main Use
Define a site-wide glossary:- Useful for tech / niche sites where acronyms or industry terms are common place but may not be understood by average members... linking terms to a definition page could really help usability and help the users to understand posts in the context of how they are written
HTML Word Replacements:- Useful to replace words with images, or to bold certain words / phrases, etc

Other Possible Uses

Monetisation? (use your imagination)

Alternative Way To implement
If the xenForo Censor system allowed HTML word replacements then it would be a start!

I hope Kier/Mike or a mod developer see the power of this modification and can implement it.

I hope you all support this.