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Lack of interest Improve the usability of the process to update outdated phrases


Well-known member

When you go to admin.php?phrases/outdated and edit an outdated phrase after you save the changes you are redirected to the phrase list admin.php?languages/language.x/phrases#_xxxx. For consistency (and usability) after you save a phrase (in this context) it should redirect back to the list of outdated phrases.

I mentioned consistency because when on admin.php?templates/outdated if you click on "Merge changes" then after you save the changes it redirects you back to admin.php?templates/outdated



XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't really disagree on usability, but your comparison isn't the same thing. Comparable is editing a template which returns you to the template list for that style (which is equivalent with phrase editing).

As such, I have moved this to suggestions.